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The Book Nook

Le Coin Lecture

Curl up and grab one of these books to help you navigate the work that's ahead.

This list is meant to help, challenge, and encourage discussions around DEI, Anti-Racism and Emerging Leadership practices.


Nos sélections cherchent à faciliter, contester, et encourager des discussions de DEI, anti-racisme et le leadership rebelle. 

May 1st, 2022
Abby Wamback

booknook images.png

June 1st, 2022
White Fragility Robin DiAngelo

booknook images (1).png

July 1st, 2022
Can You Hear Me Now? 
Celina C. Chavannes

can you hear me now

1er août, 2022
Apprendre à nous écrire 
Les 3 sex* & Le Club des Sexu

booknook august.png

15 août, 2022
Des mots pour exister 
Marie-Philippe Drouin

booknook images (1).png

September 1st, 2022
Monkey Beach 
Eden Robinson

monkey beach

October 1st, 2022
Parable of the Sower 
Octavia E. Butler

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November 1st, 2022
I Hope We Choose Love 
Kai Cheng Thom

booknook images.png

December 1st, 2022
Girl, Woman, Other
Bernardine Evaristo

Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo.png

January 1st, 2023
Dare to Lead
Brené Brown

Dare to Lead

August 1st, 2023
Redeeming Leadership
Helena Liu

Redeeming Leadership - Helena Liu.png

September 1st, 2023


Margaret Verble

Stealing by Margaret Verble.png
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